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Advocacy Resources

Visit the resources section to learn more about prenatal to 3 issues and policy solutions. Within this site, you’ll find NCIT and member organizations news releases and fact sheets and statistics that can be useful for advocacy outreach.

You’ll also find more information on key policy issues, opportunities to take action, and ways to grow as an advocate!

The resources outlined here are meant to get you started on your journey as a National Collaborative for Infant & Toddlers advocate. Your actions truly can change public policy and create a world where every baby, toddler and their families thrive.

So, start your journey today and let us know what additional resources you need to be successful. You can message us at [email protected]. We want to hear from you!

To learn about the state/community/district when contacting a legislator or writing a letter to the editor:

  • General search (Google, etc.)
  • Wikipedia
  • Your state website
  • Local city/county website

To learn about stakeholders and legislators:

  • General search (Google, etc.)
  • Campaign websites to learn more about where the legislator stands
  • Legislator lookup webpage:
  • National government website: and
  • State websites to learn about committee memberships, cities/towns represented, leadership status
  • News search for up-to-date information about the legislator’s activities
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