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Building Relationships with Decision Makers

3 Reasons to Get to Know Your Lawmakers

  • Help your lawmaker get to know you and your community.
  • Establish yourself as a credible source for information and connections in the community.
  • Share vital stories of community members you want them to remember.

Sharing Your Story

Your story can have a significant impact! It helps bring an issue to life for your listener.

By sharing your story, you can:

  • Put a face on facts and figures.
  • Connect lawmakers to constituents and what’s happening in their district.
  • Provide the human-interest side of an issue.
  • Help gain media coverage of an issue.
  • Inspire new advocates to join the effort.

When sharing your story with a decision-maker, you need a clear objective and some details to illustrate your point. Consider using transitions such as “if … then” or “since …then” and be sure to finish with an “ask,” meaning what you want your lawmaker to do regarding the issue.

View a worksheet to help develop your personal story.

Remember, sharing your personal experience is compelling, demonstrates passion for an issue and is “sticky” — it helps people remember you!

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