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In an election year, getting it right means mobilizing your members and those impacted by the policies we seek to change to engage candidates on prenatal to three issues so they know it’s a priority for their constituents. It means asking candidates questions that get them thinking about the policy solutions they need to enact once they’re in office. Ultimately, it means making prenatal to three issues a priority for candidates and voters. More than 5,793 seats are up for elections this year, representing 78% of the nation’s legislative seats. In November 2024, 44 states will conduct legislative elections. To make the most of these opportunities, nonprofit organizations, coalitions, and individual advocates seeking to elevate the importance of public sector support for these issues need to be sharp, persistent, and unified in their efforts to engage with candidates for public office.

This guide provides tools and resources to navigate this election cycle as an advocate for expectant parents, infants, toddlers and their families. It offers insight into how to talk about the most crucial issues facing families today, including child care, maternal and child health, early Head Start, paid family and medical leave, and economic security. It also offers expert insight into how to best engage with elected officials across mediums for advocates and organizations of all types and levels of expertise. Please connect with us here to offer feedback on this guide and start a conversation about anything else you’ll need to secure the victories that families everywhere are counting on.

In this toolkit you will find (click on a topic to review the specific section):

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