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May 2: Baby Day (ZTT) - #NationalBabyDay

Tuesday, May 2, is Baby Day! Join ZERO TO THREE for a digital day of action as we urge Congress to Think Babies by investing in the programs and policies babies need to thrive, such as quality, affordable child care; an enhanced Child Tax Credit; paid family and medical leave for all; and increased investments in infant and early childhood mental health services, Early Head Start, and the child welfare system.

Topline Messages

  • It’s time to make babies a national priority by investing in early childhood programs that promote good health, strong families, and positive early learning experiences.
  • Congress hasn’t implemented the policies or made the investments that babies, families, and early educators need to thrive, it’s time to fight for these policies.  
  • As Congress considers funding priorities for FY24, they must put the needs of children and families first. Our communities cannot afford cuts to essential programs that families rely on for support.
  • Now is the time to lay a strong foundation for the future with sound policies to support infants and toddlers that reflect the needs and priorities of families, such as: quality, affordable child care; an enhanced Child Tax Credit; paid family and medical leave for all; and increased investments in infant and early childhood mental health services, Early Head Start, and the child welfare system. 

Use this toolkit to share the #NationalBabyDay message with your networks and encourage them to tell Congress to fight for their littlest constituents.

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Call to Action

Tell Congress to invest in the policies and programs babies need to thrive! 

Sample Baby Day social media language


  • #NationalBabyDay
  • #ThinkBabies or #ThinkBabiesandAct
  •  #May4Babies

Sample social content by policy

It's #NationalBabyDay! Today and every day, we're pushing for what infants and toddlers need. Congress, we need more than just baby steps on the policies your youngest, cutest constituents need to thrive! #ThinkBabies  #May4Babies

On #NationalBabyDay, here is our wish list for Congress to #ThinkBabies!


High-quality, affordable #childcare

Enhanced #ChildTaxCredit

Investments in #EarlyHeadStart, #MentalHealth services, and the #ChildWelfare system

Babies' early relationships form the foundation for all learning and development that follows. We must support parents, families, and early childhood professionals during this critical period. #NationalBabyDay #ThinkBabies #May4Babies

Poverty affects babies' healthy development and disproportionately impacts families of color. We need to address structural racism and discriminatory policies to ensure all families have equal opportunities to thrive. #NationalBabyDay #ThinkBabies #May4Babies

There  are 11.4 Million infants and toddlers in the U.S. and they need us to change more than just diapers. What better way to celebrate #NationalBabyDay than to prioritize their needs #paidleave #mentalhealth #childcare #EarlyHeadStart #economicsecurity #ThinkBabies

Babies’ brains develop faster from birth to age 3 than at any other time of life. On #NationalBabyDay, urge Congress to #ThinkBabiesandAct by investing in policies that support their ability to learn, grow, and thrive. #May4Babies 

Child Care

#ChildCare #CareCantWait

Access  to affordable, high-quality child care is critical for families and supports babies' development. On #NationalBabyDay, tell Congress to invest in a child care system that meets the diverse needs of families with infants and toddlers. #ThinkBabiesandAct [tweet congress link]

The future begins with babies! When families have access to high-quality #childcare, it lays the foundation for a strong start. Let’s prioritize the quality care babies need for healthy development. #ThinkBabies #NationalBabyDay

Early childhood professionals play a critical role in the healthy development of babies in their care. Policymakers must #ThinkBabiesandAct to offer them the support, resources, and compensation they need to provide high-quality care and support their own families. #NationalBabyDay #CareCantWait

Infant-toddler care costs more than college tuition in 35 states and DC. Urge your Members of Congress to #ThinkBabiesandAct so that families can afford the high-quality care their babies deserve. #CareCantWait #NationalBabyDay [tweet congress link]

Economic Security

#EconomicSecurity #ChildTaxCredit #CTC

Poverty gets under a baby’s skin, undermining  brain development and physical health. . We must ensure #economicsecurity for families to create an environment in which babies can thrive. #NationalBabyDay #ThinkBabies

We can ensure that families have the resources to provide safe housing, nutritious foods, clothing & diapers, & medical care for their babies and toddlers. Economic stability means so much during this critical time of rapid growth and development. #NationalBabyDay #ThinkBabies

The expansion of the federal #ChildTaxCredit will help families meet basic needs and reduce material hardship. Urge the Senate to expand the CTC to support families with infants & toddlers. #NationalBabyDay #ThinkBabiesandAct [tweet congress link]

Poverty among American Indian/Alaska Native and Black infants and toddlers is nearly twice the national average, affecting more than 1 in 3 babies. It's time to address structural racism and invest in policies that ensure #economicsecurity for all families. #NationalBabyDay #ThinkBabies

Paid Leave

#PaidLeave #PaidLeaveforAll #CareCantWait

Caring, consistent relationships help establish a baby’s ability to learn &  form positive relationships. Urge Congress to establish a comprehensive national paid family and medical leave program so families can get the time they need with their babies during this critical period. #NationalBabyDay #ThinkBabiesandAct #PaidLeaveforAll [tweet congress link]

For #NationalBabyDay, 3 things babies (Heart) about #paidleave:

The people they know best are there to care for them.

It’s good for their health & (down arrow) infant mortality!

Their families can focus on caring for them wo worrying about $$$.

#ThinkBabiesandAct #PaidLeaveforAll 

More than 85% of working people in the U.S. do not have #paidleave through their employers, meaning parents must make impossible choices between caring for their babies and losing their jobs. Let's ensure #paidleave for all working people. #NationalBabyDay #ThinkBabies #PaidLeaveforAll

The time after birth or adoption is an essential time of development, growth & learning for babies. We need a national paid family and medical leave policy that is available for all working people and  offers a meaningful length of leave. We need #PaidLeaveforAll now. #NationalBabyDay #ThinkBabies

Practices like #PaidLeave are associated with lower infant mortality and reduced occurrence and length of childhood illnesses. It's time to ensure all families have access to paid family and medical leave. #NationalBabyDay #ThinkBabies 

Early Head Start


Only 11% of eligible children get #EarlyHeadStart services? But we know it works! Congress, that doesn’t make sense. #ThinkBabiesandAct and invest. #NationalBabyDay

EarlyHeadStart creates opportunities for both parents and children, helping families improve their economic security and ensure babies are on a strong path to lifelong learning. Let's invest in this evidence-based program. #NationalBabyDay #ThinkBabies

Let's invest in #EarlyHeadStart to support the healthy development of all eligible babies, toddlers, and pregnant people.#NationalBabyDay #ThinkBabies

Access to high-quality early childhood education programs is essential for ensuring all children, regardless of income, have the same opportunities to succeed. Let's advocate for increased investment in programs like #EarlyHeadStart. #NationalBabyDay #ThinkBabies

#EarlyHeadStart is the only federal program focused on early learning experiences of babies living in families with incomes below the poverty line, but it only reaches 11% of eligible babies. Urge Congress to #ThinkBabiesandAct and expand access to this essential program: [tweet congress link] #NationalBabyDay

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

#MentalHealth #IECMH

A baby’s social and emotional development is the heart of all future learning and growth.  This #NationalBabyDay, raise your voice for infant and early childhood #mentalhealth.  #ThinkBabiesandAct #IECMH

Infant and early childhood #mentalhealth is critical for young children's development. Tell your policymakers to invest in prevention and treatment services to support babies' social and emotional well-being. #NationalBabyDay #ThinkBabiesandAct #IECMH [tweet congress link]

#mentalhealth and social and emotional development starts at the beginning, well before babies even utter their first words Congress, investing in prevention and treatment is key from the start. #NationalBabyDay #ThinkBabies #IECMH

Don’t forget about the babies! The national conversation around #mentalhealth is growing but too often, infants’ and toddlers’ needs are left out. Let’s invest in a national structure to provide foundational mental health services to our youngest children. #NationalBabyDay #ThinkBabies #IECMH

Infant and early childhood #mentalhealth is how babies experience, express and regulate emotions; form secure positive relationships; and expand their environment and capacity to learn. We must prioritize social and emotional development from the start. #NationalBabyDay #ThinkBabies #IECMH

Child Welfare

#ChildWelfare, #FamilySupport

We need to transform #childwelfare policy and prioritize the positive, healthy development of babies and toddlers. This means promoting prevention, enhancing court oversight, and embedding early childhood development principles in child welfare systems. #ThinkBabies #NationalBabyDay

This #NationalBabyDay, let's take action to strengthen families to reduce the nearly 200k babies who experience maltreatment every year. They're counting on us to #ThinkBabiesandAct and invest in the #childwelfare system: [tweet congress link]

The #childwelfare system must address the alarming disparity in how families of color are overrepresented. It's time to work together to build strong and equitable support networks for all families. #ThinkBabies #NationalBabyDay

The lack of stability for babies in foster care can disrupt their emotional health and cognitive development. It's time to invest in policies that remove systemic obstacles for families to strengthen  early child/parent relationships. #ThinkBabies #NationalBabyDay #FamilySupport

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