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May 9: National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

May 9th is National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day! We encourage NCIT partners to share PN-3 mental health content on this day. Here are partner content sources that you might consider sharing:  

Sample social media language:

Infant and early childhood #mentalhealth starts at the very beginning –before babies even utter their first words. We must prioritize prevention and treatment to ensure the healthy social and emotional development of infants and toddlers from the start.

We must not leave young children behind when we talk about #mentalhealth! Nurturing relationships and positive early learning experiences lay the foundation for a baby’s healthy social and emotional development. When you think #mentalhealth, don’t forget to #thinkbabies!

A continuum of promotion, prevention, and treatment for young children can prevent lifelong #mentalhealth challenges. Healthy social and emotional development is key to a strong start for all young children.

Healthy relationships, love, and comfort from parents and caregivers help babies form more brain connections. We must invest in social and emotional development and provide robust #mentalhealth services for all.

#IECMH is how young children:

✅ Form close, secure interpersonal relationships;

✅ Explore and learn their environment; and

✅ Experience, express and regulate emotions. 

Let’s make sure children have the resources and #mentalhealth services they need to thrive!

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