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Benefits for NCIT Members

  • Aligning your organization with the NCIT formally connects your organization with the hundreds of other members working at prenatal-to three issues at the local, state, federal and tribal levels
  • Access to an online grassroots system that can target local, state, federal and tribal decision-makers as well as special targets with email, social media, or patch through calling
  • Access to a full suite of technical assistance, consulting and support for PN-3 focused policy change campaigns including media advocacy, coalition building and maintenance, policy development, issue expertise, campaign planning, equity and power sharing/transfer
  • Specialized training opportunities built around what you and your staff want and need
  • Access to turnkey engagement toolkits provided on key issues throughout the year with plug and play support for social media, newsletter and shareholder engagement tools
  • Eligibility to serve on the Steering Committee and serve in a leadership role on subcommittees
  • Promotion of your social media through the NCIT network, connecting to hundreds of other organizations
  • Ability to add links to resources and tools on the new website, increasing traffic to your website and tools
  • Member-only newsletter that condenses ALL the info into a short, user-friendly resource with attached opportunities for turnkey activations
  • Your logo and organization can be part of the major campaigns done through NCIT each year and increase brand awareness and recognition (Approval for logo/organization name will always be sought in advance when connected to any specific issues or policies. Otherwise your organization name will be included on a general list of members on the website and in marketing materials.)
  • When helpful, use of the NCIT logo on your resources and tools (simple approval process)
  • Simple process to access other members when seeking endorsers or collaborators on PN-3 related projects or policy

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