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NCIT’s PN-3 Narrative, Messaging and Activation Toolkit

We’ve updated our messaging in order to reflect current research and broad PN-3 priorities. By using the messages shared in this chapter consistently—and incorporating individual organizational voice, cultural context, specific issues and policy priorities—NCIT members collectively can advance a shared narrative, vision and demand for action. 

The Core Narrative We Advance and Embrace

Narratives are shared ideas—aggregated across stories, experiences and messages—that people use to explain why things are the way they are and to make meaning of their lived experience. They are built through communication of all kinds (e.g., news, entertainment, advocacy); experiences and environments people move through daily; social networks and echo chambers; and lived experiences. Narratives shape people’s mindsets and what they assume to be true. 

The NCIT, which includes more than 300 organizations engaged in a range of issues, cultural contexts and audiences, works to advance the following narrative through our words, actions and impact. Our vision is that this is the narrative held by the majority of people, decision-makers and funders in the United States:

“As a society, we must prioritize and support babies and toddlers.”

The full idea behind this narrative is that:

Babies are born with amazing capabilities, and the early years of life are the foundation for lifelong well-being and opportunity. Parents and caregivers shouldn’t have to go it alone; they need access—through policies, funding, resources, systems and social practices—to what they need to support healthy pregnancies, babies and toddlers in ways that meet their strengths, needs and cultures.

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