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What Is Advocacy?

Advocacy is the application of pressure and influence on the people and institutions that have the power to give you what you want.

You can influence decision-makers and create change in your community. This site provides the tools necessary to effectively reach out and influence key decision-makers at the local, state, tribal and national levels to ensure policies and programs that help all babies and toddlers thrive are supported and implemented.

You can make an impact in multiple ways — just take a step to get started!
Here are some suggestions:

LEARN more about prenatal to three issues.

JOIN the NCIT Action Center network.

RECRUIT at least five friends to the National Collaborative for Infants & Toddlers network.

RESPOND right away to action alerts sent to you via email or text — why wait?

FORWARD email action alerts to your family and friends, asking them to take action, too.It takes all our voices together to make a difference!

INTRODUCE yourself to your lawmakers as an NCIT advocate.

CONTACT your legislator or other key stakeholders through emails, letters, tweeting or a meeting.

WRITE a letter to the editor of your local newspaper on a particular issue — it’s a powerful way to communicate with your legislators and community. (See more in the addendum.)

TESTIFY at a public hearing about the importance of a prenatal to three issue.

VOLUNTEER to be an advocacy spokesperson to raise awareness about prenatal to three policy issues and generate support. NCIT can connect you with local campaigns!

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