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What Prenatal-to-3 Advocates Need to Know about Preemption & Why Featured Image

What Prenatal-to-3 Advocates Need to Know about Preemption & Why

Healthy families lead to healthy babies, infants, and toddlers. According to the Prenatal-to-3 Policy Impact Center, healthy parents and caregivers who are equipped with the resources and skills they need to take care of their children are more likely to have positive child-parent and/or caregiver interaction and infants and toddlers with healthy brain development. That’s why the well-being of the family can’t be separated from the child and why support for parents, childcare providers, physicians, home visitors, and others all matter. Local policies including paid family leave, minimum wage, and fair scheduling all have the potential to impact a child’s health and development. However, in some places, state governments are passing laws to prevent local governments from being able to put policies in place that help young families to thrive. Join us to learn more about preemption and the role for advocates for babies, toddlers and families!

Part 1: Preemption 101 and Why It’s Important for PN-3 (February 28)

Part 2: Deep Dive into the Science and Research: Why PN-3 Advocates Should Care about Preemption (March 21)

Part 3: Advocating on Preemption: How to Get Involved (April 4)

Watch Feb 28 Recording

Watch March 21 Recording

Watch April 4 Recording


February 28, 2023 at 11:00am -

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