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Investing in Data to Influence Change

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Data can be a powerful tool for influencing change in your community or state. While data are often collected and analyzed for reporting requirements, there are many other ways in which data can be used. Data can show how great a need is; for instance, how many eligible families in your community or state receive home visiting? Data can also help bring an issue to life; for instance, using qualitative data such as quotes or themes from interviews to help tell your story. This resource presents some ways that intentionally using data can benefit your community and its initiatives. Collecting additional data or using the data you are already collecting, but just in different ways, can help shed light on potential opportunities or existing challenges. Here are seven ways that data can be used to influence change in your community or state and examples of how you can apply them. This resource was developed with an understanding of the complexity of data in the PN-3 space, and the many purposes it can serve.

Resource Details

Publication Date: June 2021
Source: Child Trends
Focus Area(s): Healthy Beginnings Supported Families High-Quality Child Care & Learning
Impact Area(s): State, County, City
Topic: Measure Impact
Type: Planning Materials

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