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Prenatal-to-Three Data Guidebook Featured Image

Prenatal-to-Three Data Guidebook

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NCIT has identified a set of evidence-based metrics, drawn from research, to track the health and development of children prenatal to age three with data that is comparable and reliable across states, communities, and diverse families. The Data Guidebook details the NCIT measurements system, or Outcomes Framework, and contains detailed recommendations for using the right outcomes and indicators, and their data sources, to measure the success of policies and programs in your state or community.

Resource Details

Publication Date: January 2020
Source: Child Trends
Focus Area(s): Healthy Beginnings, Supported Families, High-Quality Child Care & Learning
Impact Area(s): State, County, City
Topic: Take Action, Build a Community Effort, Build a State Effort, Make the Case
Type: Planning Materials

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